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Slovak Astonomical Society (SAS) is integrating scientists and people with deep interest in the astronomy and related fields. SAS is developing its activities under Slovak Academy of Sciences and Astronomical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Tatranska Lomnica where are also located the SAS headquarters. Every person interested in astronomy who agree with function and tasks of the society may apply for membership and become proper member of SAS. The membership is individual and collective.

The SAS branch in Hlohovec was founded as the first SAS branch in Slovakia in 1961 thus it has more than 40 year tradition. Actual chairman of SAS branch in Hlohovec is RNDR. Svetozár Štefeček a and its secretary is Mgr.Valéria Rečková, financing is Mgr. Jozef Kristofovic. We offer consultation on Tuesday at 9:00 - 15:00. The branch establishment is at Hlohovec Observatory and Planetarium M.R. Štefánika, Sládkovičova 41. SAS members are allowed to utilize the equipment of the observatory, plenty of methodical aids and large ammount of books and journals from the observatory library.

The purpose of the branch is to activize its members and people interested in astronomy and to accomplish following major tasks:

  1. To popularize astronomical and related scientific knowledge.
  2. To help to increase the professional level of the members and to assist them in their observational activities.
  3. To concentrate on the work with young people and to involve them into observational activities in cooperation with Hlohovec Observatory and Planetarium and the observatories in neghbour districts.
  4. To develope observational activities and astronommical activities in the following districts: Banovce nad Bebravou, Galanta, Hlohovec, Myjava, Nitra, Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Partizanske, Piestany, Senica, Skalica, Sala, Topolcany, Trencin,  Trnava and Zlate Moravce.
  5. To cooperate with Slovak Academy of Sciences, schools of all kinds and Centres of free time. To organize seminars for teachers and leaders of astronomical bees.




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