7th Csere's astronomical days: 3. - 4.2.2006

Popular public seminar Csere's astronomical days, lectured in Slovak language, was traditionally organized by Hlohovec Observatory and Planetarium in cooperation with Trnava Self-governing region and Slovak Astronomical Society. We were nicely surprised by broad interest of amateur astronomers and common public this year.

Dr. Vojtech Rusin
Dr. Rusin's presentation (jpg 67kB)
prof. Julius Krempasky
prof. Krempasky's presentation (jpg 442kB)
doc. Peter Cernansky
doc. Cernansky's presentation (jpg 61kB)

The seminar opening was followed by impressive presentation of Dr. Vojtech Rusin from AI SAS on actual topic Results of the total solar eclipse observations. He also showed marvellous images from Galapagos, due to the public interest. The next session was dedicated to cosmology. Prof. Julius Krempasky from PF TU informed us about New cosmological theories and doc. Peter Cernansky from PF TU explained The problem of dark matter in the universe. (ppt 3,8MB)

Our participants got royal treatment. (jpg 525kB)
Karol Petrik
K. Petrik's presentation. (jpg 53kB)
Pavol Hazucha
P. Hazucha's presentation. (jpg 466kB)

Following part of the programme was The annual Hlohovec SAS branch meeting. It was very important event for local SAS members. We also offered a meal and our premises to the participants who decided to stay the night. They got royal treatment as usual.

Next day Karol Petrik from PF TU and Hlohovec O&P lead us To infinity and beyond. We learned about the fascinating results of the newest space probes and space telescopes. The seminar was closed by Pavol Hazucha from Hlohovec O&P with Several notes to cosmology. He forced us to think about the perfection of the universe.