Leonids in Hlohovec was observed in contrary conditions. Weather was changable and it was possible to observe only through gaps in the clouds. Moon was just one day before full phase, thus we were allowed to observe the brighter meteors only. ZHR was computed, but relative maxima occured approximately at 3:40 UT , 4:05 UT and 4:25 UT. The most remarkable maximum was at 4:05 UT. Photographic observation was performed during following intervals:

intervalbeginning (UT)end (UT)
1. 2:51 3:01
2. 3:20 3:34
3. 3:52 4:11
4. 4:12 4:41
Photographic observation of Leonids (jpg 20kB)

using wide angle Flektogon 2,8/20 mm objective, exposed on film Agfacolor HDC (400 ASA). During 2:50 - 4:41 UT we observed several bright meteors with perceptible colours: 1 red a 3 green. We also observed following interesting evengs: 1 time 3 bright meteors at once and 6 times 2 bright meteors (~ 2 mag) at once. Meteors was comming in batches, always several together followed by short pause.

Vladimir Karlovsky

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